Sisters. Crafters. Business owners.


Starting from the beginning, here's our story!

Our grandfather, Birger Bigrell, started a binder factory in 1965. The fascination with organising papers with dividers, tabs, special pockets and sleeves came with the genes. Amanda even worked in the family business. At first in the factory making binders and accessories on school breaks, and later in the office, learning all about running a business, and also making print originals, ordering, keeping books and getting ideas for products of the future.

Amanda Bigrell is a city dweller, residing in the central neighbourhood of Södermalm in Stockholm (the capital of Sweden). She has worked with web and print design, illustration, exhibitions, signage, calligraphy and all kinds of design for different companies and organisations as well as in her own business for a couple of decades.

Emma Bigrell owned a small farm for several years, keeping chickens, pigs and goats, and shared her house with a husband and several dogs and cats. Her day job was in project managing, but she also has skills in leather tanning and leather working as well as making cloth from sheep’s wool and flax.

Together we merged Amandas skills and business with Emmas project managing abilities and formed a new company, Bigrell Design AB, in 2011. We run a commission design business, mainly focusing on graphic design and illustration. All of that can be found on our Swedish business site

Planners, organisers, notebooks, pens and paper – the love for stationery, crafting and crafting material is life long! Both of us has made our own planners and notebooks as well as used many readymade. Through the years many have asked to get their own copy of our self made planners, and now that is possible. Find out more about our printables for planning, memory keeping, tracking and more on our site

Then came – who doesn't love stickers? We know we do, and we know you do! So to combine our love for planning, journaling, bullet journaling, crafting, planners, lettering and all sorts of creativity, we started this shop!


Amanda & Emma