Unique stickers for planners, bullet journalers and crafters
Unique stickers for planners, bullet journalers and crafters
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How we design and make our stickers

We illustrate, design, print and cut all stickers in our shop. We also use photographs and vintage or licensed graphics. We handletter words, numbers and quotes for stickers as well as use fonts. 

We illustrate and letter by hand on paper, using watercolours and markers, guache and pencils, acrylics and mixed media. Our iPads and computers with wacom tablets is also a way to create images, lettering and designs. We use Illustrator and Photoshop for making graphics and to clean up scanned paper illustrations.  



The designs are laid out on sticker sheets, cut lines created, and then the magic happens in our ink jet printers and Silhouette and Cricut cutting machines.

Our favourite paper is matte and thin and doesn't bulk up your planner. For now (autumn/fall of 2020) we are only offering stickers in this paper, but other qualities might be added later. Though not water proof, our paper and ink can still take some wet media. All pens and pencils that go well on paper works well.

We have done some tests, so if you are interested in what our standard sticker paper can take, check out this blog post.

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